Born and raised in Eden, North Carolina, Jay, musically known as JAII, spent his childhood surrounded by the rhythms and music of traditional gospel music before he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to broaden both his range and musical knowledge into the realms of classical and contemporary music. Now drawing from the robustness of Gregory Porter, the melodic smoothness of Toni Braxton, and the character and passion of Luther Vandross, Jay uses his influences to create and cultivate a unique and qualifying sound that captures all audiences. Other notable influences include Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and Somi.

Self-deemed as an artist of youthful yet refined music, Jay uses his past experiences and trainings, current inspirations, and creative personality to inspire both the students that he teaches and supporters that follow his music.  It is his goal to one day use his voice to arouse the same joy in others that is roused in him when he listens to music. He hopes to encourage others to follow their dreams as he is doing, foster relatability through his lyrics, and simply make people feel good. Jay hopes to accomplish this and more in his 2019 debut EP. For more information, follow Jay and his career on any of the social platforms below.